Why this Course ?

This course will Improve your fluency,lexical resources, key pronunciation areas of connected speech, word stress,Intonation, clarity in speaking and proper pronunciation of individual words  to achieve a higher score than what you have already scored.
INR 2900
USD 40

What will you get from this course  ?
Daily speaking Interactive classes  ( Duration : 1 hour per session)
   Speaking workshops;( Accent Training,Intonation,vocabulary and fluency development                     
   10 One-to-one speaking tests with detailed feedback (Duration:20 Minutes per session)
   Flexible timing

    Who is this course meant for?
    This course will be immensely useful for all English proficiency test takers and for people who want to improve their speaking skills

    Course Duration:
    30 Days
    IELTS 5.5 or IELTS Master EPT: 20 Score
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